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Unloading and Stacking Hay in the Barn, Llanafan, Ystwyth Valley, West Wales
Unloading and stacking bales on a small family owned farm in the village of Llanafan which is in the county of Ceredigion, West Wales. The village is situated on the north side of the beautiful Ystwyth Valley and the river eventually flows into the sea at the seaside town of Aberystwyth. Haymaking for this farm is an important time and is dependant on the weather. When its good enough and the grass is cut it is left to dry and then collected as in these photos. Local people come and help to ensure all the hay is brought in and stored in the barn.<br />
The tractor they are using is a 1953 Massey Ferguson which is still in good working order. Stock Photo by Paddy Bergin